07 mars 2017

Fortum starter byggingen av Ånstadblåheia vindpark

Fortum starter byggingen av Ånstadblåheia vinndpark i Nord-Norge. Grinnarbeidene til parken vil begynne i mars.

Produksjonen er forventet å begynne i 2018, opplyser Fortm i en pressemelding og skriver videre:

Fortum announced the acquisition of three wind projects on 8 November 2016 and 5 January 2017.

Fortum has decided to purchase 14 wind turbines from Vestas for the
Ånstadblåheia wind farm, resulting in an installed capacity of about 50 MW. The annual production of Ånstadblåheia is estimated to be more than 150 gigawatt-hours (GWh).

Fortum is now preparing for the construction of the Sørfjord project, expected to be commissioned in 2019.

Fortum finalised the acquisition of three wind power projects from Nordkraft at the beginning of January 2017. The transaction consists of the Nygårdsfjellet wind farm, which is already operational, as well as the fully-permitted Ånstadblåheia and Sørfjord projects. When built, the total installed capacity of the three wind farms will be approximately 170 MW. Fortum is cooperating with Nordkraft on the construction and operation of the wind farms.

“These wind projects are an important step in the implementation of Fortum’s ambition to grow in wind and solar power. The fact that all the wind farms are situated in the same area in Norway enables high-efficiency in operations,” says Philippe Stohr, Vice President of Wind Power at Fortum.

Norway has a market-based electricity certificate support system for renewable electricity production for assets commissioned before the end of 2020.

Pictures of Nygårdsfjellet wind park:

The Nygårdsfjellet, Ånstadblåheia and Sørfjord wind farms

All three wind farms are located in northern Norway.

Installed capacity

Nygårdsfjellet                     32 MW                               2006 and
Ånstadblåheia                    50 MW                               expected
Sørfjord                              approx. 90 MW                  expected