20 oktober 2016

Lithuania’s avg electricity market price rises 1.4 %

The price of electricity in Nord Pool Spot’s Lithuanian bidding area last week averaged 38.4 euros per megawatt-hour, up by 1.4% from a week earlier, but down by 40% from a year earlier, Litgrid said on Monday.

«As temperatures fell, electricity consumption in the Baltic countries increased by 5%. Production at hydro power plants dropped by one-fourth and wind power output almost halved. Production at combined heat and power plants rose by one-fifth,» the power transmission system operator said.

A 6% increase in power consumption in Sweden also added to the rise in Lithuania’s electricity market price, it said.

Lithuania last week imported 82% of its electricity.

Some 34% of the cross-border interconnection capacity between Lithuania and Latvia, 49% of that between Lithuania and Sweden and 49% of that between Lithuania and Belarus was used for importing electricity to Lithuania on Oct. 10 through 16 on average. 40% of the capacity of the Lithuania-Poland interconnection was used for the flow of electricity to Poland and 40% for the flow to Lithuania.